Introduction to our Programme Directors

Welcome to our Programme Directors blog page – we are very pleased that you are interested in applying for one of our programmes. If you have already received an offer for September 2016, then we really hope that you choose Bristol as a place of study (please note, offer conditions may apply).

Each of our 9 MSc programmes has a dedicated Programme Director, who has overall responsibility for your programme’s content and delivery whilst you are a student here. The Programme Directors will also be able to help and advise you on the academic side of your studies.

We are delighted to introduce our Programme Directors below. Please feel free to follow the links for each programme to gain further information about the Programme Directors and to view their welcome messages for their programmes:


MSc in Accounting and FinanceProfessor Mark Clatworthy

MSc in Accounting, Finance and ManagementDr. Adriana Korczak

MSc in Economics PathwaysFrancesco Giovannoni

MSc in Economics and FinanceDr Fabiana Gomez

MSc in Economics, Accounting and FinanceDr Raul Crespo

MSc in Economics, Finance and ManagementDr Raul Crespo

MSc in Finance and InvestmentDr Piotr Korczak

MSc in ManagementHazel Nendick

MRes in EconomicsFrancesco Giovannoni


We would like to thank you for your interest in our programmes, and hope that you explore our School website for any further information:

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