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The University of Bristol Careers Service is here to help students get to where they want to be when they graduate.

Once you are a registered student, they can help you research different career sectors and roles, or discuss your options for further study once you have graduated.


Networking is an important tool to help you progress in your chosen career. We have a Careers Network and Careers Alumni Mentoring Scheme.  The Careers Service team can also help you create and improve your LinkedIn profile for online networking.


A wide range of careers information, advice and recruitment events are held throughout the year. They are designed to help you explore different career paths, develop your employability skills and enable you to understand your strengths. These events are aimed at helping you compete for and apply for jobs, including part time work, internships, graduate level opportunities and further study.

The event topics range from choosing and researching your career, CVs, covering letters and application forms, interviews and selection processes, job seeking and networking and skills development.

Careers fairs are also held each year for current students and graduates.

Job hunting

When you are ready to start applying for new opportunities the team can give you help and advice on finding current vacancies, writing your CV, completing your application form and preparing for interviews.

As a University of Bristol Student you will also have access to a wide range of activities that will equip you with the employability skills that graduate employers are looking for.


As our one year MSc programmes are very intense, you will not have time to complete an internship during your studies.  However you may want to find an internship once you have graduated.  We can help you, through the UoB Internship Scheme, find quality, paid experience lasting between 4-8 weeks.  Recent graduates can undertake one internship as part of the scheme each academic year. Overseas students can take part if they have permission to work in the UK.

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