Applying for sponsorship and funding

Funding for postgraduate students can be limited and students should ensure they have their funding in place before arriving at University.

You can search for funding opportunities using our scholarship database.  We would also recommend contacting the British Council in your home country to see if they know of any additional funding available.

Most scholarships will be dependent on where you live, as well as other specific requirements, so make sure you read the application guidelines carefully.  Deadlines for applications also vary and we would recommend making your funding applications as early as possible to avoid missing out.

If you have applied for funding please contact us to let us know what you have applied for, and when you expect a decision to be made.

How much to budget for your living expenses will depend on your way of life. Most students spend in the region of £7,400 – £11,000 a year, which includes accommodation. Depending on which hobbies or activities you want to take part in, you will need to factor these into your budget, or be prepared to adjust your lifestyle.

If you have any queries regarding funding or financial advice please contact our student funding office 

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