Application FAQ’s

We know you may have lots of questions before you submit your application. View our FAQ guide for lots of useful application advice.

How do I apply?

Please use our online application form which is a quick and efficient method of applying. We require a completed online application form together with relevant supporting documentation which should be uploaded to the application.

What is your application fee?

We do not have an application fee.

What are your entry requirements?

A first of good upper second-class honours degree (or international equivalent). Please see details for the programme you are interested in applying for for further information.

What are your English language requirements?

You must be able to show you meet our English language requirements as shown in Profile C on our website. Please submit your most recent language results for review with your application, or include the date you will be sitting your test. English language results must meet our requirements by July 2016.

What do you need for a complete application?

We require a completed application form as well as your final university transcript (if you have not yet completed your studies we will accept a transcript of your grades to date), evidence of English language proficiency and two academic letters of reference.

How can I send you extra documents after I have submitted my application?

Please upload your additional documents to the ‘Post Submission Uploads’ section of your online application form. Files you upload cannot exceed 1000kb in size. If you experience difficulties please contact technical support by using the ‘Tech Support’ button in the top navigation of the application form.

Do you need to see original or translated documents?

All documents must be translated into English either by your university or a certified translator. Degree certificates and transcripts should be certified copies and list all the subjects taken and grades received. References need to be written in English.

Can I submit more than one application?

No. Applicants may only submit one application for programmes based in the School of Economics, Finance and Management (EFM) for each academic year. You will be able to apply to two EFM programmes within your application as a first and second choice.

How many references do I need?

You will need two academic references from your current/most recent university studies. References must be written in English. Please see our guide to uploading references to your application or changing referee details.

Do I have to submit a personal statement?

A personal statement is not required but can be submitted as part of your application.

How long will it take to receive a decision on my application?

We aim to process complete applications and to make decisions within 30 days of receipt of all supporting documents required. Submitting a complete application which includes all required documents will help us process your application.

Can I apply now and defer my entry to 2017?

As a School we do not accept requests for deferred entry.  This is because our syllabus is constantly changing and our admissions requirements may therefore change.  We also like to ensure that we assess all applicants within the same application cycle for the sake of fairness and consistency.


If you have any other questions not covered here, please contact us.






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